I find beauty in everything.  From an object’s color and patterns, to its shape and texture. I love to collect things, especially objects that others have discarded for trash. To me, others just haven’t yet seen their beauty. I love to take apart a piece of machinery and find an object that was designed only for its functionality yet has a visual beauty all its own, such as circuit boards inside a computer.  I love to use found objects to create a piece of art, especially pieces that now have a new function in life, such as my clocks.

My work has evolved from my childhood passion for trash hunting and creating art with my hands.  Ever since I was a kid, I loved to go through people’s trash to find that special treasure. There is something about salvaging an object that has been discarded and bringing it back to life, not the same life but a new life, that gives me great joy.  Others look for the antique toaster to use — I look for the broken and discarded toaster to make into a clock or some other functional creation.

For the past several years, I have focused on creating small functional pieces from found objects.  I have a growing portfolio of clocks in private collections throughout the United States.  Recently, I have branched into creating mirrors, tables, and other small furniture items. I want people to use my art — have it be a part of their home.

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