My work is a tribute to contemporary women and shows the beauty of ordinary women. Recurring themes are fashion, health, age, beauty, adornment, body image, and gender polarization, all addressed in humorous ways.

My work is also a social statement, a reaction to society. How people relate to one another, how culture dictates gender behavior, and the human response to these forces, is what fascinates me.

All of my sculptures are constructed by cutting and welding, by bolting parts together or sometimes gluing or sewing. Found materials and objects are chosen for color and texture but especially for their additional meaning to the work. These objects are added in the form of necklaces, hairdo’s or body parts to enhance the character’s personality.

Sometimes these added-on items are the personal or professional detritus of the portrayed person. Previous functions and connotations of these throwaways add life and history to the new sculpture, while reminding us of urban life and its wasteful habits. By using discarded materials, I demonstrate the value of garbage.

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