I make works by collaborating with previously existing objects.  I interact with things and then use what I discover to reshape them.  The meaning in my work is always contingent upon and spread across a constellation of relationships.  Each work adds to every other and to the space of understanding draped between them: act-to-act, idea-to-idea.  Working with existing items is as much a process of exploration as it is an act of creation.  I alter and remake not simply to form new things, but to reveal the reciprocal flow through which we form objects and objects form us.  The way I work manifests my belief that nothing is permanent or discreet.  Everything is connected to everything else.  We are always working within what is available and we only ever create temporary structures, ones that erode and reform endlessly.

Photos and press release for this artist.

Residency: June 2010 - September 2010
Art Exhibition: Friday, September 17  &  Saturday, September 18

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