Sharon Strain - Recology
California Cont.

Sharon started her career as a driver in 1988 with a logistics and supply chain company, where she worked for 20 years before obtaining a commercial drivers license (CDL) in the 1990s. In 2008, Sharon started with Recology as a Helper, where she assisted drivers on the back of the truck – it was hard work!  As soon as a driver role became available, she was promoted to her current role as Container Delivery Driver. She’s responsible for delivering new containers when customers move, replacing old containers, and picking up old or damaged ones.

Being a female driver, laborer, or helper isn’t necessarily something many women consider, but she was intrigued by the challenge.  As a Receptionist at her previous company, she was encouraged by a co-worker to apply to be a driver, and was surprised she enjoyed it.

Sharon says that working as a driver allows her to be independent throughout the day, and is the next best thing to being her own boss. She’s able to make critical decisions, interact with customers, and provide a necessary service to the company and community.

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