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Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous waste is any material discarded from homes that may cause a human or environmental hazard when disposed of improperly. These wastes can cause serious threats to humans, wildlife and the environment.

It is illegal to put items such as electronics, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, pesticides, and other chemicals in your landfill bin or down the drain. These items should also not be placed in the recycling or compost bin. They will contaminate the soil, drinking water and air.

Hazardous waste can be one or more of the following: toxic, flammable, corrosive, and reactive (we encourage you to consider non-toxic alternatives for some of the products you use).

Recology Vallejo-American Canyon Recycling Facility accepts limited quantities of hazardous waste such as:

Antifreeze, Cooking/ Motor Oil, Drained Used Oil Filters, Fluorescent Bulbs, Household/ Lead-Acid Car Batteries, and Paint

For other types of household hazardous waste, please contact the Napa-Vallejo Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility.



Recovering oil is extremely important, since it clogs our City’s water systems and can pose a threat to piping.


Residential customers can place used oil next to their carts for pickup on collection day. Up to two gallons of used oil may be recycled every week.

A new oil jug will be left at the curb for your next oil change. Oil jugs are provided to customers free of charge by Recology American Canyon. Contact us to request oil containers.

Drop Off
Limited quantities of motor oil can be dropped off at the Recology Vallejo-American Canyon Recycling Facility



When medications are disposed of in the trash or down the drain, they can find their way into our waterways and negatively impact aquatic life.

Drop off
Drop off medications for safe handling at most police stations and pharmacies.



When sharps are placed in your recycling cart, our Sorters may get cut or pierced when sorting through the recycling. This is why all sharps waste must be transported to a collection center in an approved sharps container. Home-generated sharps waste includes hypodermic needles, syringes and lancets that are used for medical purposes.

Drop off
Place home-generated sharps waste in biohazard containers. Biohazard containers are available for purchase at local pharmacies and some office supply stores. Contact your health care provider, local pharmacies, hospitals or clinics to ask if they offer a collection program.

Mail-Back Service:
Visit CalRecycle for a list of companies that are authorized to provide sharps waste mail-back services in California.



Many paints are laden with heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, and lead. When these chemicals are incorrectly disposed of, they can leach from landfills and harm the environment.  When pouring acrylic paint down the drain, it will harden into a plastic-like substance and clog pipes.

Drop Off
Limited quantities of paint can be dropped off at the Recology Vallejo-American Canyon Recycling Facility.