FAQs - Recology Arcata
California Cont.
Automated garbage collection means that the truck lifts the garbage can instead of the driver having to lift and empty the can. This makes truck and driver time more efficient and reduces worker injuries.

How does the system work?

Each customer within the Arcata city limits with weekly garbage pick-up will be furnished with a special wheeled cart at no additional cost. The cart is rolled out to the curb by 5:00 a.m. on your collection day. The garbage truck, equipped with a lifting mechanism on one side, will pull up to your cart and empty it.May I use my old garbage can?
No. The automated truck can only pick up the assigned carts.

All trash must be placed inside the cart to prevent spillage when the truck picks it up. Styrofoam peanuts and other light materials must be bagged to prevent them from blowing in the wind and creating a litter problem. Hot ashes and hazardous materials may not be placed in your cart. Your cart can be easily washed out with a garden hose.

Carts will be repaired or replaced at no cost provided that damage is not due to customer misuse or negligence.

Your new cart may not be overloaded. The lid must be able to close, or the excess will spill on the ground when the truck picks up the cart. If you have more garbage than will fit inside the cart please contact us to notify the office before your collection day. Extra garbage may be put out in a 30 gallon sized liner bag (please tie off securely), and the driver will manually refill your cart and empty it again. As always, there is a charge for extra garbage.

By 5:00 a.m. on collection day place your cart at the curb with the handles facing the house and arrow on the lid pointing toward the street or alley. Please keep six feet of clearance between carts, parked cars, mailboxes, utility poles, trees, etc., so the automated arm is able to safely grasp each cart.

Make sure that there is a twelve-foot vertical clearance above carts. Place your totes away from low phone or electric wires, tree branches or other overhead obstructions.

Do not place carts behind parked cars, fire hydrants, trees or other obstructions. Do not place carts where access to them is blocked. The automated truck lifting arm is not able to reach behind trees or other objects. The efficiency of this system depends on the driver being able to remain in the truck.

If you have a disability that prevents you from wheeling the cart out for collection please phone our office to arrange special handling.