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Drop Boxes & Dumpsters

Recology Clackamas offers drop box services and temporary placement dumpsters for interior and exterior remodeling projects, demolition, land clearing, special events, and permanent locations.    

Boxes can be used for garbage, construction and demolition material, cardboard, metal, wood, and more. Heavy materials like concrete and dirt can only be hauled in 10-yard drop boxes due to weight restrictions.


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Available Drop Boxes and Dumpsters

Volume Type
1 YD Dumpster
1.5 YDS Dumpster
2 YDS Dumpster
3 YDS Dumpster
4 YDS Dumpster
8 YDS Drop Box
10 YDS Drop Box
12 YDS Drop Box
15 YDS Drop Box
20 YDS Drop Box
30 YDS Drop Box