Green Waste, Recycle, & Trash - Recology Eel River
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Green Waste, Recycle, & Trash

When loading your carts please make sure the lid can close. Please do not overfill or pack your cart tightly.


Place grass, leaves, weeds, brush, pine needles, branches, unpainted wood (no nails), untreated wood (no nails), and tree trimmings in your green waste cart.

The materials we collect are transported to Scotia for use in their biomass power plant and used to create energy for Humboldt County.

                             Green waste carts are collected every other week on the same day as trash collection.


Paper, cardboard, glass bottles, aluminum/tin cans, hard plastics, and glass may be placed in your recycling cart.

Recycling carts are collected every two weeks, year round, on the same day as trash collection.


Mylar (shiny metal) bags (potato chips, candy bars, balloons, etc), pens, plastic bags, wrappers and film, plastic items mixed with metal, and fabric or rubber to name a few.

Less of these items placed in the landfill cart the better. Trash is collected weekly.

Set up or Change Service

Drop Off

You may also drop off CRV and non-CVR recyclables at the Fortuna Transfer Station and the Redway Transfer Station.