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Sponsorships & Donation Requests
Recology Yuba-Sutter employee owners proudly provide annual donations and in-kind service to the Yuba-Sutter community!  
2021 sponsorships and donations will continue to be limited due to COVID-19 financial impacts.  Our sponsorship and donation form is for Yuba-Sutter 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. For County, City, or other government related requests, please contact your City Manager or County Administrator.

We are proud of our strong history of giving back!

As an employee-owned business, we encourage and support causes championed by our employee owners, including projects that support recycling and environmental protection, neighborhood revitalization, education, science and technology.  To provide a convenient outlet for requesting support, we kindly ask that you complete the Sponsorship & Donation Request form per the instructions below.

Please read the following guidelines to be sure your request qualifies.

Submitting Your Application: