My work explores the strange way that we interact with technological simulations of natural things.  Humanity’s desire for more ubiquitous technology is at odds with its desire for a more primal experience.  We strive for more naturalistic interactions with technology while our interactions with nature itself are less and less common.  I do not believe that there is any connection between artistic merit and technical complexity.  My research interests are moving away from the aesthetics and methods of technology and more into language of experience and the sublime.

At Recology, I intend to build a series of sculptures that deal with perception and light.  I am interested in tapping into the near-infinite stockpile of unwanted resources to scavenge the high-grade optics once needed to power obsolescent technology.

My recent collaboration, Smaller and Upside Down, features a set of lenses that distort the faces of pedestrians.  The interactions that center around the lenses make strangers into friends and chip away at the anonymizing nature of urban environments

I am enrolled in both Skyline College and the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon with a focus in mechatronic sculpture.

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Residency: October 2015 - January 2016
Art Exhibition: Friday, January 22  &  Saturday, January 23

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