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Event Services

Recology is committed to supporting waste reduction at local events by offering comprehensive compost and recycling services!

Submit Your Event Request

Recology Sonoma Marin wants to help you get the services you need for your upcoming event. We are also committed to working with local non-profits and giving back to our community. If you wish to request paid, free, or reduced-cost services for your next event please fill out an events and donations request form and submit the form at least (3) three weeks prior to your event.

Resources For Event Coordinators

Sustainability starts well before any event. Encourage attendees to bring their own utensils, reusable bottles, and coffee cups.

If food services are part of your event, check out our list of recommended vendors for supporting your efforts to recycle or compost all single-use products offered at the event.


Whether you’re planning a music festival or an intimate backyard BBQ, signage will help your guests know “what goes where?”. Larger signs are available for loan at our office in Santa Rosa.

Compost Event Sign Recycle Event Sign Garbage Event Sign